Helena Vestergaard is a model, actress and business woman however the role she enjoys most is being a mum to her little girl River. We got the chance to chat with Helena and found her to be  grounded and natural with her priorities in life being her family, her home and looking after the environment.
Read about how Helena chooses to spend her days, her love of yoga and surfing and who has inspired her throughout her life.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a mother an animal lover an ocean swimmer and a yogi.

What does a day in your life look like?

My partner Nathan and I are both lucky enough to be able to spend a lot of time at home so most days are spent together with River. Having a toddler means each day is different and brings new challenges but most days include lots of play-time and yummy food. 

I spray Nunchi and read my book while River naps. That’s my little moment of zen and time to myself.

When did surfing and yoga become a part of your life and how important are they to you?

I started Yoga when I was 19 and surfing from about 11. I think both of these hobbies are important to me as they keep me grounded and make me feel good. It can sometimes be hard to get to a yoga class or get down to the beach but it’s worth it because you always feel so good after.

You have managed to maintain your modelling career throughout your pregnancy and now alongside your little girl River. Has this been tricky and what has helped you through it?

It has just changed the way I work now, and personally for the better. I’m very particular with the jobs I do and if it’s not a rate worth leaving my little girl for I simply don’t do it. I also have an amazing partner who can look after River if I’m working.

Who is someone who inspires you and why?

I take inspiration from many different people in my life, seeing the world through River adds a whole new sense of wonder, my partner Nathan and my family, as well as my yoga teachers.

You are passionate about the environment, what simple choices do you wish we all would make to create a difference?

We only have one planet and sometimes I think people forget that. We all need to be more mindful about our rubbish and remember that plastic never goes away.

Do you have rituals or routines in your day that help you to stay balanced and grounded?

I try to have as much time away from my phone as possible. I spray Nunchi and read my book while River naps. That’s my little moment of zen and time to myself.

What are your plans for Christmas. How will you be celebrating?

We are so lucky to have my family come to stay with us in Sydney. So it will be amazing to just all be together by the beach and eat amazing food.

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