As we head into our new year and think about the things we would like to achieve in 2018 take a moment to consider that; where we are right in this moment is be exactly where we are meant to be.

I often reflect on what I am doing throughout the day and say to myself, ‘there is nothing I would rather be doing in this moment’. If I am doing a boring and thankless task, I accept that this needs to be done, it is my choice to do it and to not resent doing it.

If we constantly resent our situation and think our happiness will come when things change, it is very difficult to ever be happy. This does not mean we do not change parts of our life, our life will be continually changing, we just need to recognise and accept that every moment and experience is a part of life’s rich tapestry.

I write this after spending the morning around my whole family, my husband, my three daughters, their three partners, one beautiful granddaughter, my 87year old mother in law, my sister in law from Queensland, three dogs and a brand, new puppy.

The morning feels hectic, noisy, messy and all in all pretty, crazy but, how lucky are we to share this time together. Next time we are all together the situation will have changed, the puppy will be older, our granddaughter may not think her princess dress is the best thing in the whole world anymore and many other changes that we can’t predict or foresee.

Santosha (contentment) is an important learning from the niyamas (self-discipline and spiritual observances) in yoga.  We can experience feelings of contentment when we begin to accept that life is an ever-changing process and each moment is a moment to be cherished.

‘Feeling happier every day involves bringing the power of positive feeling back into the present moment. This does not mean you won’t have goals, but it does involve learning to be more content with where you are before moving onto the next thing.’
... Kate James (Change How You Think)
In 2018 aim for the feeling of contentment; create goals, seek ways to create change but enjoy each moment along the way.

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Love and here's to spreading good nunchi,