If we take a moment to stop, spray some Nunchi essential oils and breathe deeply, we are reminding ourselves to come back to the present moment.

Each of our Nunchi blends have been thoughtfully selected through research into aroma psychology to encourage calm, balance, grounding and emotional support.

Create a ritual of spraying these Nunchi essential oil blends in your home and invite a sense of calm, peace and happiness. Your home will smell beautiful.

Nunchi uses premium grade essential oils sourced from Australia where possible. No chemicals are used in our sprays as health and safety are our highest priority.



Hello, I’m Di, mother, grandmother, wife and creator of nunchi essential oil mood sprays and body oils.

I have developed a passion over many years studying and teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness to find ways to bring mindfulness into our everyday lives.

After researching the therapeutic benefits of essential oil blends and how they affect our mind, mood and emotions, I began experimenting with making sprays and body oils that could be used in the home.

My family and friends loved the scents so I worked with a team of aromatherapy experts to help come up with the perfect aromas. It was important to create blends with the right balance to encourage calm, balance, grounding and emotional support … as well as smell divine.

In a modern world full of distractions, nunchi honours traditional remedies and is passionate about the therapeutic health benefits of mindfulness. Nunchi offers a simple way of encouraging us to take a moment and bring us back to the present.

I live in Melbourne and make nunchi in my home with love and care. I hope you love them as much as I do.

You learn more about Di and the nunchi journey in this podcast. Listen here.